Yup, in QLD. Drove up, so have car and can get places. And go on cruises with the QLD sector of the different clubs. WOO!

Here until NY eve. I want to catch up with everyone.

Right. Rum calling my name. I'm off.


Slight change of plans.

I am now leaving on Thursday and driving the 626 up. So... I'll be there earlier! HOW EXCITING! OH MY!

It will be good to have a couple of weeks to see everyone! I am so looking forward to it!

Photos of the pterodactyl outside Dubbo to come. YOU KNOW IT. Heading back the same way. Straight up the Newell.

Job and Brisbane

Hi folks!

Well, I have a new job to go to. It's working at a small centre at Monash University, searching for research funding, admin and academic/student advising. I'm very, very excited about it. Not only am I back in the university system, it's a great job, looks to be good people and the usual uni benefits that are full of the awesome.

It's a job where I won't be bored either. One of my roles is to write the synopsis for papers, editing papers and writing grant applications. That will keep me busy and interested!

I've had difficulty getting back into a uni down here because I haven't worked in any vic universities. Every job I've gone for I have had an interview for, but have missed out to someone who's been working on that campus for a long time. Now I'm back in the system it mean that I won't have difficulty finding a job if necessary again, and that I'll be able to take part in all of those uni type things I used to in QLD. Excited!

Seeing as I'll be working on campus from now on, I'm also going to do my postgrad. Looking at second semester intake (I don't want to do my famous 'taking on too much' thing) in either English Lit or Bioethics. I'm undecided. Whereas the subjects to complete the english lit one are all good (lots of shakespeare), bioethics is an area that's really taking off and one that I have enormous interest in. With the rise of nanotechnology and stem-cell research (the two prime examples that are being focused on in bioethics) it seems a good time to get into that area. I have a while to get my application in and sort out what I want to do.

I will be in Brisbane from Christmas Day through to New Years Eve. If anyone would like to catch up, drop me a line. It's looking to be a very alcoholic trip at this stage. I'm tempted to organise an MX5 club/OzMazda cruise. Particularly as one of the Sydney OzMazda kids will be up as well with his beast. (R32 GTR). And let's face it... I really am just the little cruise whore.

I think that's about it for now. See y'all in Brisbane! I'm off to enjoy my day off before new job starts. I think a drive to Healesville is in order... nom nom nom.

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Impending financial doom is still imminent. Had a job interview Tuesday, one tomorrow and one next Tuesday. I'm hoping I'll get something. They're all good.

Due to problems with insurance (read: they fail at taking money from the account specially set up for this. They also fail at saving my rego number, and fail because they set up two policies which cancelled each other out) I am swapping insurance. I rang up Shannons the other day to get a quote for the 3 cars out of curiosity. The 3rd car is the MG, which would be under restoration/historic vehicle cover. Hey, I was bored and had an hour to fill.

Not only do I get much better benefits such as:

- Repairer of choice (Not just a list of places you can choose from)
- Unlimited mods (kind of important considering I've already exceeded the allowed 3)
- Separate payout for mods in case of write-off
- Hire car etc.

It would be $10 more per year to cover ALL THREE vehicles. One on comprehensive, one on 3rd party and one on restoration/historic vehicle.

So I'm going to hit the bank hard to release that money so I can swap to Shannons. I went through driving history with them, and they've bumped me up to rating 1 as well.

Tomorrow I swap. Seniorita's not being driven right now, so it's no biggy not to have full insurance for a few days, as she's well protected. Plus if anyone wanted to steal her currently, it's BYO milk crate as she has no seats. Can't outrun the cops after stealing a car if you can't see over the dash.

However, we're going down to Phillip Island this weekend for the Alfa/Mx5 NSW vs VIC challenge so insurance is a must for the getting there and home part.

I just wish I was driving on Sunday. I banned myself from any track events when I found out about the job doom, so I'm just going down to act out in an official way, and start getting trained in scrutineering.

Oh, and this will be there doing some testing. The E-Vade. Yes, it's as nasty as it looks:

I can has job nau pls?

As a few of you are aware, my job is shrinking to 3 days as of next year.

This has led to me being particularly mopey pants in the past few days. It came to a head today where I literally couldn't go back to work after lunch. All waily and things like that. The past month has been one of the worst in my entire life. It outranks that awful week at AustLit something shocking (because on the upside of that week, I was attending a Shakespeare conference). This past month has not really had any upside. Prior to this month, I said that that was the worst week of my life. It's got NOTHING on this month!

So I took this afternoon and tomorrow off. As stress leave.

Thankfully I did. As I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon at Mazda. Yes. Mazda. You heard.

So things are looking up. Plus there's go karting tonight with the MXfive crew.

Oh, I lie. There have been upsides this month. I'm booked to go to NZ next year. That is an upside. Unfortunately that's about it.

My BIG hope is that I get this job and I can start Monday. That would be super awesome.

Photos of Seniorita

I realised I haven't actually put any proper photos of the girl up yet. This is just not right.

Gave her a good wash on the weekend (two coats of polish and wax as well) so took some photos. The hardtop is back on, as I don't have anywhere else to store it right now. So without further ado, I present she who takes all my money and time.

Off to organise accommodation for the next trackday/piss up. Schwing!

(no subject)

The internet has combined its forces of yahoo auctions Japan, Babelfish and one certain trader to ensure I will go insane/completely broke all the time.

I think I need a hiatus from the internet for a while. This is no good.


One of my housemates and I have drunkenly hatched plans.

There is no date set for this challenge. It will be one of those 'in the future things' entirely dependent on funds, if we're both still alive and I'm still stupid enough.

As rally mxfives are around (excuse the full spelling of five. Due to Wraith knocking a drink out of my hand I have no access to my five, six, equals and control key ON WITH THE STORY) I am going to one day in the future build one. To take on his Hilux in the GREATEST CHALLENGE KNOWN TO MANKIND.

It will be a rathter expensive process. However, it only has to last long enoug to beat his Hilux.

It will be done. My god it will be done. Greatest challenge ever.

I might go to bed.

Gym payments/donations

The single worst decision of this year was taking out a gym membership. What was I thinking? As if I was going to keep that up. I am the former Miss Lazy Universe and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. Or wobble it, as the case may be.

My last payment was scheduled to come out last month. Hurrah! Yay! No more payments. Go forth and spend the money elsewhere.

Except they've just taken another payment out today. A payment which equalled my carefully calculated living money until the next payday. Carefully calculated living money which would ensure happiness, kittens, bunnies and Ralph Fiennes in my bed.

So now, not only can I not go to the Historic Sandown spectacle this year (sadly what has become one of the highlights of my year. Shhh. I don't get out much) it leaves me unable to even attend simple events such as the mx5 meetup that occurs each Thursday night. Thankfully I transferred some money onto my credit card last night (as after budgeting everything out, I thought 'Sweet. Dump X dollars onto card... done') so I'll be able to put fuel in my tank tomorrow and buy the necessaries. At least I'll still be able to visit people of the short variety and get to work. Woo!

Bindi... read... I'm coming over to bludge on your couch and steal your coffee. Heheheh. I'll bring cow, you clear the couch!

I'm sure we've all had something like this happen at one point or another, so we all know that it takes weeks if not months to claim the money back.

On the upside, I still have all my body parts to sell. I wonder how long it would take for ebay to destroy an add like that? What's more pressing is the matter of how much do I actually sell said body parts for? I have no idea what the going rate is so that I can set the minimum. I'm certainly not going to off a body part for the highest bid of 50 cents. How much would 50cent spend on body parts? These are serious issues.

I should write to that suave mofo Obama. He'd have all the answers. Oh, and congrats Obama. A momentous occasion to have a black president. Well done. Now drink up, reply to my email and resolve my serious issues!
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